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Where did the time go?

1969 plop.


1972-85 colouring, drawing, clay, glue, paper.


1988-89 Studied graphic design and illustration at Bournemouth & Poole College of Art & Design.


1997-99 Bahrain. 


1999-2011 Japan. 3 yrs in central Tokyo, 9 yrs in Fukuoka.


2002 Freelance graphic designer.

2006 Created the first Twitter bird. Twitter continue to use a broken robot image (Failbot) I made, to indicate that the system is down.

2008 Sold an Octopus Cat fusion feline character to Github which they name Octocat. Many users of their service create their own and list them on


2011 Oxford UK. 


2016 Still in Oxford UK. Making character mascots and logos.




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